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Dr Naime and Dr Espinosa have been providing quality vision care using the latest technology for many years. Answers to most questions can be found on our website.          


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bulletLaser Vision Correction:  Frequently asked questions about the procedures that allow you to see without glasses or contact lenses.  Refractive surgical procedures, such as LASIK and PRK, are discussed here.  We refer our patients to surgeons that use  "CustomVue" (VISX Star 4), utilizing the latest in wavefront technology for the best results possible. 
bulletOther Refractive Surgical Procedures:  The latest information on procedures that have been approved by the FDA or are currently under investigation and Dr. Espinosa's candid comments on them.
bulletPterygium:  This is an elevated, superficial growth which extends from the white part of the eye onto the cornea.
bulletThe Eye Exam:  We pride ourselves on the quality of our eye examinations utilizing State-of-the-Art technology.  

bulletInsurances:  We are VSP® - Vision Service Plan Providers.  We honor many other insurance programs.  Check this page to find your insurance carrier.
bulletEyewear:  There's more than meets the eye in choosing the best eyewear.  We explain in detail.
bulletDry Eyes:  If your eyes often tear, water, burn, itch, sting, get red or feel gritty, you may have dry eyes.  Techniques for diagnosing the condition and relieving symptoms are discussed here.
bulletVision Rehabilitation for the Partially Sighted:  Even persons that have been declared legally blind may be helped to see with the use of special telescopic or microscopic lenses or other low vision systems designed specifically to the individual.
bulletContact Lenses:  Contacts aren't just for looks!   We also use them therapeutically for conditions such as keratoconus, dry eyes and other conditions to improve comfort as well as vision.

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Tenemos mucha información para nuestros pacientes quienes hablan español.  Esperamos que les guste y que puedan usar la información.

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