There is more to wearing glasses than meets the eye.

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Sure, there are some beautiful eyewear frames being offered in many places these days.   But, buying a beautiful frame and having it fit you properly may be two different things.  Your eyewear frames must be correct for YOU!

  1. First, the frame has to be compatible with the lens prescription
  2. The lenses inserted into the frame have to be thoroughly inspected to ensure quality and prescription accuracy
  3. The glasses have to be adjusted properly for the most comfortable vision possible 

Optically correct eyewear combined with beauty and style is what we offer.

bulletProper size and style for your prescription
bulletProper fit:
bulletBridge size (nosepiece)
bulletEye size
bulletTemple length
bulletProper adjustment:
bulletOn the nose
bulletAround the ears
bulletEnsure proper lens distance from the eyes
bulletPrevent "propeller" effect between the two lenses
bulletProper pantoscopic angle between the temple and front of the frame
bulletAvoid "wrap-around" frames for higher prescriptions

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bulletProper lens material
bulletStandard crown glass lenses
bulletStandard CR-39 plastic lenses
bulletHi-Index glass or plastic lenses
bulletPolycarbonate lenses
bulletPhotochromatic lenses (change colors when going from indoors to outdoors)
bulletSafety lenses

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bulletProgressive Add Lenses (commonly referred to as "no-line bifocals").   PALs allow clear vision at all distances unlike the standard bifocals which provide clear distance and near vision.  The PALs offer clarity at all intermediate distances as well.
bulletVarilux Comfort

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